Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello Again!!

I know! I know! I have not been on here in forever and I have not lived up to that part of my 2009 New Year's Resolution! I am terribly sorry!! I am a bad girl!
I did however complete another part of my 2009 Resolutions! I am proud to say that I did completely double my business from 2008!! Whoo Hoo! My sincere thanks to all of you that helped me reach my goals!
This past year has been a good one for me! I opened the retail studio in August. I love, love, LOVE my studio! August was also when I won the Fist Place Bridal Portrait at the Tennessee Professional Photographer's Association! I also won a $500 scholarship at the same conference! You can bet I was one happy girl!
This past year my personal life was also better. My son's are finally finding the right path and for this I am more thankful than anything else.
So, you may be wondering....what in the world is Amy's 2010 New Year Resolution? Well, I will be happy to inform you! I actually have several...
1) Do more charity work with my business
2) Increase my sessions by 25%
3) Restructure my pricing
4) Finally learn how to use the pesky software, Pro Select
5) Search out some new products I think you will all love
6) Take the Test for my CPP in April
7) Continue learning to improve my art
8) Open and promote my High School Senior Division
Whew! That should keep me busy! LOL...
Well, I am taking the kidlets to the movie so I had better sign off now! I am going to include a senior photo and one of my new babies in my Panel Program.
Drop in and see me!