Saturday, August 28, 2010

I need you!!!

Hey all! I wanted to forward a letter I received from Cameron's mom. I think it best describes how much your help is needed in the continued fight against muscular dystrophy.
"Dear Wilson County Jailbird,
MDA needs you!
Wilson County needs you!!

We understand that it is easier to ask a man for his daughter's hand in marriage than it is to ask for donations. We also understand that the economy is rough and money is tight. However, the economy does not change the lives of all that are affected by MD: but YOU can!

MDA has changed my family's life. You see, my son Cameron, was diagnosed with Duchenne Musscular Dystrophy seven years ago and jailbirds like yourself and lock-ups like the one you are participating in help with his future.

You may ask yourself, "How can I make a difference?" $74 pays for one minute of research. Now a minute may not seem like a lot, until that miute that they find a cure for one of over forty different types of MD. On the same note, $30 pays for a flu shot. Something simple like the flu can be detrimental to a child with special needs. Every year, MDA hosts a camp for MD children with no costs to the parents. This is a time where my son and countless others, all with limitations, get to live life with no limits. Vanderbilt hosts the MD clinics for the Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky patients. These clinics are funded by donations from Middle TN. You see, all the money that is raised here...stays here. Let me tell you, that information allows me peace at night.

Now having said all this, I know you are ready to conquer this lock up and raise your bail; and for this I am grateful.

Cameron and I look forward to meeting you at the lock-up and we thank you in advance for your time and effoerts.

Kendra Hicks

P.S. Enclosed is a picture of Cameron who is a member of one of the NINETY FAMILIES the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. serves in WILSON COUNTY."

Did you get the end?? NINETY FAMILIES in WILSON COUNTY.

Please help me raise money for Cameron, for this cause and for all those like him here in Wilson County. Let's rally together and try to extend the lives of these children!

Click to make a donation. Remember anyone who donates $150 will receive a FREE session at the studio!

I am including a photo of Cameron and his sister. Not only does this disease affect Cameron and his parents but it affects siblings as well.

Monday, August 23, 2010

He's Just a Regular Kid with a Cool Ride...

Meet Cameron, just a regular kid with a cool ride. Cameron was diagnosed with Duchenne's when he was around five. His grandmother had taken him for an eye exam and noticed that he was getting out of the chair in a strange way. Long story short, Cameron's family discovered that he had a form of muscular dystrophy called "Duchennes".

Duchennes is inherited and affects about two out of every ten thousand people. It is a progressive degeneration of the muscle functions. You are born with it but may not be diagnosed until early childhood. It usually starts affecting the pelvis and legs first, causing inabiltiy to walk and eventually spreads to the arms and other parts of the body. Many with Duchennes inevitably experience heart and lung complications and do not normally survive past the age of thirty. There is no known cure.

Cameron can tell you all about it but would much rather play on his X-box. He is like every other boy his age. He claims school is "all right" (Cameron attends Mt. Juliet Middle) and knows all about wrestling. He is just your typical kid with a terrible disease that will cut his life short if we don't find a cure.

Here is where you can help. Please go to and donate to help find a cure. I am a member of TEAM HOPE and am trying to help out Cameron and those like him. Please join me as we send kids to camp while we search for a cure!
Everyone who donates $150 will receive a FREE photography session at Amy Rich Photography Studio.
Thanks! I look forward to seeing the donations build!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maternity Session with K and J

Did you have maternity photos taken? I know that I didn't, would not have even considered it at the time of the pregnancies, but now very much wish that I had done so. It is just such a incredible time in your life. That little baby is safe and protected and you are just so excited awaiting his/her arrival. Your body is changing in drastic ways and often you may not feel at your best but it is true that there is a glow about every woman expecting a baby.

I just had a session with K and J. They not only were adorable, I was touched by how much they obviously loved each other. Every girl wants a boy to look at her the way J gazed at K. I have included a couple of photos from their session on this blog.

So if you are thinking about having maternity photos taken, I say just do it!! You don't have to hang them on your wall. You don't ever even have to look at them. But you will have them if you want them. This is one of those times that you cannot recapture. You will only have that particular precious life inside of you this one time. I wish I had photos of being pregnant with each of my children. I want them to see me when I was anticipating them and loving them even before I had ever met them. I want them to see me glowing. I want them to see what they did to my body!! lol.... I want them to know, beyond any doubt, that I was happy.