Saturday, May 30, 2009

I hate bugs!!

Yesterday I was doing a senior shoot. I had found this great location with this huge stack of old tires and I could not wait to do a shoot there. However, when we got there we realized the tires were awesome BUT they were infested with mosquitoes. The whole time that we were trying to shoot the bugs were crawling all over us and biting us! I had on shorts (not a great idea) and I was so scared they were going to crawl up my were all jumping around but I did get a few good photos. Next time I go to the tires I am wearing jeans and carrying bug spray!

The other photo that I am posting tonight is another of my sweet babes. This little angel is three months old and I guess we just wore her out because she fell sound asleep. Her mom thought this might be a bad thing but I think that sleeping angels are precious. What do you think?

I want to thank everyone who came out to see me at the Picture This Gallery Grand Opening. It was packed! I could not believe how many people came out. They threw a great party and it was a good time.

Please remember that this is a perfect time to have your family portraits made by the pond. The grass is beautiful and my yard is full of bright yellow flowers. The flowers by the white picket fence have finally bloomed too. I was beginning to give up on them.

Have a great night. I have a full week of photo shoots so I hope to be posting more soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Best Job EVER!

Hey everyone!
I hope everybody is doing well and looking forward to the Memorial Day holiday. I have been so busy here at the studio but I am going to try and catch up!
I am going to post a few photos and hopefully will get some more on in the next couple of days so be sure and be watching for them.

One of the photos I am posting is of a family. This is Beverly and she is a photographer friend of mine. She is shown here with her daughter and son. She has a very glamorous photography job. She does alot of events in Nashville and she gets to hang out with all of the country music stars, eat free food and have access to the free bars. Although I think her job must be very exciting I must say that I love what I do in and around the studio. Maybe it is because I am old or maybe because as my family grows older I love to watch the excitement that comes in with the new families that are just beginning.

Another photo that I am posting is of one of these families. This is one of the maternity photos of R. She is getting ready to welcome to the world a new baby boy. She is brimming with joy and it is just so awesome to be around her (and her

See why I love my job? I help welcome these babies into the world by creating their future heirlooms of photography. I get to photograph their first moments of life, first tooth, wobbling walks, new siblings, explorations and hopefully one day their senior photos. They become a part of my life and my life is better for knowing them.

The next couple are of the same little girl showing very different

The fifth photo is one of my favorites from this little girl's shoot. This was taken outside my studio. It was one of those times when the rain was endless. It had paused just long enough for this shoot but this angel did NOT like the mud on her feet! And, really? Who can blame her?

Well, I will talk to you soon! Today was a beautiful day and I have spent it working so maybe I will sneak out for a bit tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why Should You Invest in Photography?

Hey guys!
I know the economy is rough on alot of us right now and many are struggling to find ways to pay their bills or put food on the table. You may wonder with the current economic woes why one should make an investment in portraiture. Well, I have the answer for you!
Bad times come and go. Money ebbs and flows. BUT you have only one chance at life! Your newborn is only going to have the brand new sweet wrinkly look for a few weeks, your one year old is only going to be in that wobbly walking stage briefly and your five year old's two front teeth are going to grow back in and he will never (hopefully) lose those two teeth again. Your son is only going to go to his junior prom one time in his whole life. Your eighteen year old is changing right before your eyes and this is the only time you can catch them right at the cusp of adulthood, while they are still belong to both you and the world before them. Your family is changing much longer can you wait to capture this moment?
Unlike that plasma TV you have your eye on, you can not ever, EVER, go back in time and catch these moments. You only have now, this moment to catch the look of wonder in your baby's eyes when they are examining that ladybug. You can never go back and photograph that shy grin of your four year old.
The only constant in life is that everything changes. That plasma TV, that new Mustang, that designer purse...they will all be here tomorrow, newer and better. But not your child, not your family and not this moment.
Take the time. Make the effort. And, yes, make the investment.
Unlike the tangible and the ordinary, good portraiture is forever. Let me help you create your family heirlooms.
I am including a photograph of Sam who is so proud to have lost his two front teeth and two of my favorite photos of my son and his date from the prom last night. Precious moments preserved forever....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun Things!

Hey everyone!

I went to the Music City Professional Photographers Association last night and won first place with my photo of Annie and the Nashville Skyline. Whoo Hoo! I was very excited! Also, one of my customers, Emily, won photogenic for the second time with one of my photos.

I also wanted to announce that I am forming a new division at the studio. I will be introducing, "Solely Seniors" soon. I will have a separate website for just my senior photos. I think they deserve their own edgy space. I am very excited about this and have lots of ideas and energy for the new division!

I am including some photos of recent shoots that I have done. One of the photos is of a new Captured Fairy. Remember that I am making a book of my fairies so if you would like to have your fairy included you need to book soon!

The other photo is of a little girl that I photographed recently. She is such a little sweetheart. She loved dancing to the "Chicken Dance"!

Don't forget that now is the perfect time to have your portraits made by the pond!! Call now and book your appointments!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Relationships, Mother's Day Contest and Other Great Stuff

Hey you!
I am very excited about the Mother's Day contest! I had alot of entries and the storeys were wonderful! The judges met at my house last night and spent several hours going through them all. They had a very hard time choosing but in the end it was unanimous. Be sure and check back on Mother's Day for the announcement of the winner. I want to thank everyone who sent in an entry. There are alot of great moms out there! My mom wanted to know why I didn't enter told her that she would have won and that might not have gone over too well...there may have appeared to be some bias...

I am including a couple of photos from a shoot I did last week. This is a lovely young lady and her little brother. She hired me to do these for her mom for mother's day. (Don't freak out and think I am spoiling anything because they celebrated mother's day last week) I especially love the black and white photo. You can just see how much they love each other. In the other photo we went down to the railroad tracks that are close to my house and then we explored and found an even better set of tracks! I will be going back there soon. If you like the railroad track style of know who to call!

Be sure and stop by Picture This Framing and Art Gallery. They just moved beside the Publix in Hermitage. Their new place is awesome. Be sure and check out the wall that features my work. I am so excited to have my work displayed there.

Speaking of display...You can also view my work at the Nashville N2 Art show, tomorrow, May 9 at the Encore Condominiums. Go to for more information and to view a list of the artists.

ARGH! My son just informed me that he is going to prom next week!! Now how in the world am I supposed to pull all of that together in ONE week??? I have been asking and asking but he could not decide and now he is going to prom and I am going crazy! Teenagers!!

Well, I had better get off here and find a place to get a tux! Grrrr.....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Little Girls

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? Because I do. I cannot imagine a better job. There is something to be said for being paid for doing what you love. It is rather nice. I am not going to lie!
One of the reasons that I love my job are the little ones I encounter along the way. I met both of these girls this weekend. The four year old was a true four year old. She was friendly, outgoing and brimming over with curiosity. She asked a million questions and checked out everything from my equipment to the rocks and pecan nuts laying on the ground outside. Nothing much got by her. The best thing was when I offered her candy she spotted my crackers and said she would rather have those! A girl after my own heart! I wonder if she loves Diet Dr. Pepper? But I digress..... She is pictured here with her pet kitten, appropriately named, "Kitty". Don't you just love her eyelashes?

The two year old was a little more reserved. It was sprinkling some when we were doing her outdoor photos and she did not like getting her feet dirty. And who can blame her? She did like the fact that I knew the words to "Bringing Home my Baby Bumblebee". She also loved her Uncle who had come along to the shoot. She was such a little darling. She started out a little shy but seemed to transform when she put on the fairy wings. She was just such a little darling.

Be on the lookout for many more photos to come. I have tons of shoots coming up and I am hoping I will be a good girl and get them all posted on here!

Don't forget the Mother's Day Contest. The deadline is May 5th so get those entries in to the studio!

I am loving this rain! Off to bed now!