Friday, May 27, 2011

My baby turns 18...

Eighteen years and one day ago I brought into the world my little Blakey Boo Boo Boo.   He was born with a head full of curls, the most perfect eyebrows and a smile as bright as the sun.   He was the most soft hearted child you can imagine.  I remember once when we were at a recital and all four of my sons had balloons.  Nicholas' balloon popped and Blake let him have his even though I knew how much he wanted that balloon.  He loved Nicholas so much and would walk around telling everyone that he had a baby and his baby had blue eyes.  Every time he saw another child he would whisper to me that "our baby is cuter".
Blakey saw a Christmas Ornament when he was three.  It was all glass and he thought it was beautiful.  I remember it was a lot of money but I bought it for him because he loved it so.  We dropped it on the way out of the store and it shattered into a million pieces.  Blake was heart broken.  It always tore me apart when he would cry because he would have these huge perfect tears rolling down his face.  Needless to say I bought him another and he spent the entire Christmas admiring the way it would sparkle on the tree. 
Blake would always bring me something home from school.  It may be a pretty string he found on the playground or something shiny he found in the hall but he managed to find me a present every day. 
Today his smile is somewhat shyer and although I know he is still so very soft hearted he tries to hide it behind a shell of indifference.  He keeps his curls cut very short and hides out in his room an awful lot but he is still my sweet angel, Blakey Boo Boo Boo.
Today I celebrate his birth and I celebrate his life.   Happy Birthday my Blake!  I love you with all my heart!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

It takes a village...

Yesterday was a great day!  My wedding partner, Duane Chambers and I went to Cheekwood to do a bridal/model shoot.  Happily we were not alone! Accompanying us was Erin Brown.  You may know her as the stylist from Wilson Living Magazine and The Wilson Post.  I know her as a extremely talented and motivated celebrity stylist who went to great lengths to ensure we not only had the perfect dresses but the right accessories as well.  She thought of everything and I cannot tell you how nice it was to know it was all in her very capable hands.  Normally Erin is styling A- list clients for music videos and events but she is expanding her work to accommodate everyday people like us!  (Call her and get yourself a fresh look for the season.  Her number is 615-519-0379)  She was accompanied by recent MTSU graduate, Donielle Fitzgerald.  Thank you Donielle!  You were a huge help to all of us!
Speaking of styles, our thanks also go out to The White Room  and Brides on a Budget who provided us with these rocking gowns.  Be sure and shop there for your next event! 
What is a bridal shoot without someone to do hair and make up?   We didn't want to know so we took with us the girls from Asante' Salon and Day Spa .  Jennie and Kim did a great job making sure our model looked her best at all times!  They were so good at finding the perfect hair and make up style for each dress. 
It is great to have hair, make up and beautiful gowns but if you don't have the right model it doesn't do much good.  WE LOVE YOU SCARLETT JAMES!!  You are not only beautiful (we like that) but you know how to move ( we love that).  I love that you instinctively know what we were wanting out of you.  We can not wait to work with you again!
Last but not least, thanks to Caleb and Jason for lugging equipment, moving lights, offering advice and being right there ready to do whatever was needed. 
Duane and I hope to work with all of you again very soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Debbie Plemons!!!  Congratulations Debbie!  Our judges have selected you as Wilson County's Most Wonderful Mom!  You will receive the following:
$500 gift certificate from Amy Rich Photography
A wonderfully cool (I am so going to buy one of these) Photo Ink Stamps from The Paper Mill.  The gals at the Paper Mill are always looking for stylish, fun and unique ways for you to express your own style. A fabulous party invite. A simple note of thanks. THE perfect gift. Next time you're passing through our terrific Town Square, swing on by and see what's new. Coffee's usually brewing and the conversation is always colorful!   Let me just tell you I LOVE this place and I shop there all of the time!  I bought my Vera Bradley purse there and get compliments on it everywhere I go.  Be sure and sign up for their mailing list so you will know about all of the specials!
A gift package from The Roxy movie theatre including tickets to one of their state of the art movies!  What is a movie without hot fresh popcorn?  You have won that too!  The Roxy is my favorite theatre!  I love that it is clean but best of all I love that it is reasonably priced.  I can take all of my bratlings there without taking out a loan!    Be sure and tell Anita that Amy sent you!
A $50 gift certificate towards any service provided by Jennie at Asante' Salon and Spa.  Asante', now under new ownership and located next to Maggie Moo's and across from Demo's is a top rated salon and Jennie is a master hair artist so you can't go wrong with anything you choose to go for here!  I was honored to photograph their grand opening and was so impressed by their salon and things they offer.  Spend a day here and get a facial, spray tan, manicure, hair style, massage...whew!  I am ready!!
$50's in gift certificated to Demo's.  After getting beautified at Asante', head over to Demo's for a great meal!  We ate there Friday night and I have to say that I am always amazed at the high quality of food and the reasonable prices.  Seriously, I don't know how they stay in business!  Must be because of the thousands of people who eat there and praise their name!  I love this place!!
A beautiful pair of earrings from Dana Chapman who is a vendor for Lia Sophia Jewelry Line.  Not only is this jewelry line fun, fashionable and beautiful it carries a lifetime replacement guarantee!  If you love jewelry (and who doesn't) you need to go and check out her website!  Want to earn some free jewelry?  I am sure she would love for you to host a party!
A fun magnetic frame from Hermitage Embroidery in Hermitage, TN.  These three dimensional magnets and frames by Designs by You are the hottest things going right now!  Perfect gifts for graduations, birthdays and especially teenage girls!  I bought every teen girl on my list one of these last Christmas and they all LOVED them!  Call Judy at 957-1628 or better yet drop in and see the huge variety! 
A Signature Facial and Spa Manicure from The Beauty Boutique.  The Beauty Boutique operates with the motto, “Being you is beautiful.” They know that a great many women in the Nashville area have to travel from Lebanon and other surrounding areas in order to get products and services, and in today’s busy world, finding the time to commute can be a major problem. Their store location keeps your busy time and schedule in mind. Your beauty is their business, and to that end, our total attention and respect is at your disposal.
I know these Misty and her business and I love them both!  You will not be disappointed!!  Drop in and you just may find me there!
A $25 gift certificate to Heylee B's clothing located within Beauty Boutique!  I don't know how many of you follow me on facebook but if you do then you know that I mad the mistake of taking my daughter in there and came out much poorer!  Great boutique clothing at not -so boutique prices!  I have heard from a little mouse that the women of Wilson Living Magazine shop there also!  I must warn you will love everything that she offers!

Congratulations again to Debbie Plemmons! 

While all cannot win the grand prize, there are no losers at Amy Rich Photography.  After the winner was chosen I read through the entries and I was touched by all of them.  I am giving every entry a $75 print credit to my studio. 

To all of the wonderful moms out there, a very Happy Mother's Day!

[ I apologize that this did not post yesterday.  I scheduled it to post at noon yesterday but somehow screwed it up.  My apologies!]