Sunday, June 12, 2011

It does mean alot....

Thursday was a good day for me.  My soon to be twenty year old son graduated with his GED.  I cannot tell you how extremely proud I was of him.  I am even happier that he was so proud of himself.
Some people say it is just a piece of paper, that it doesn't really mean anything but I could not disagree more.  Sure some people have excelled without a diploma but to me it is not about future success as much as it is about other things. 
When you receive your diploma it means that you have finished a goal.  It is a testament that you spent twelve years working hard on something and you completed it successfully.  A diploma shows tenacity and character.  It shows you have "get - up -and - go".  It is an ending and a beautiful beginning all at the same time. 
Alex has always struggled in school and I knew that going back for his diploma would be difficult for him on many levels.  Sometimes I wondered if he ever would achieve my goal for him.  Then something changed in Alex.  Finally graduating became HIS goal and that made all the difference.  Alex fought through his fears and insecurities and my baby walked that line proudly on June 9, 2011. 
As he walked that line he transformed.  His step was a little quicker, his head held a little higher. is good and some things are worth the wait.  Sometimes we have to go back to move forward.   I eagerly anticipate the beginning of my child's adult life, a life not born of my body but one he created for himself.