Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Friday! Getting a natural smile

We have all seen them....those grimaces that are supposed to be "smiles" when we tell them to say, "cheese".  They are horrible, right?  There is just nothing worse than a fake smile.  So how do you get them to give you a natural smile? 
First of all, don't make them say, "Cheese".  Ever.  When a family comes into the studio and tell me they have been practicing the child's smile I know I am in for a battle.   They will smile at their little darling and say, "Show Miss Amy how we  have been practicing!  Say Cheese!" and immediately their ray of sunshine will turn to me with this awful expression which is as akin to a smile as cabbage is to cupcakes.   UGH!  Don't practice with them!  Then smiling becomes a chore, something they have to do instead of just what comes natural.  If you want them to smile tell them to say "stinky underwear" or something they will think is funny.  I can tell you from experience that bathroom humor is almost always a hit.  Some ages you can ask if they have a girlfriend but you must be careful with this one.  A woman asked my eleven year old that recently and he was mortified!  He was so embarrassed and talked about it for days.  I can guarantee you she did not coax a smile out of him with that question. 
Distract them from the photo.  Just talk to them.  Ask about what they like.  If a child is crazy about Thomas the Train and you start talking about Thomas you are almost certain to get a smile out of them.  It also helps if they think  you are crazy. 
Well, I need to get going!  I have my Halloween Shoot tomorrow!  Hope I get some smiles!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Halloween Shoot! No tricks! All treats!

One week from today is our annual Free Halloween Shoot!!   Bring your costumed cuties to the studio between 10-5 and receive one free 4x6 per family!!  If you bring canned goods to donate to the Wilson County Community Help Center then you will receive TWO free 4x6's. 
And YES, these are absolutely free.  While you are free to purchase additional photos it is certainly not required.  I have had several people call me to find out "the catch".  No tricks here at Amy Rich Photography Studio.  This is just a service I provide to the community as a form of giving back.  We would love to have canned good donations for the Help Center but you get a free photo regardless!
We are going to have so much fun and I hope to see all of you here!  Be sure and share this with family and friends as the more the merrier!
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Friday, October 21, 2011


Once again I must tell you that I love my job.  I get to meet the best people including this young lady, Hayley.  She is a beautiful girl with a sweet soul.  We had a lot of fun running around and grabbing these captures.  I hope you enjoy them!
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Photo Friday #4 Vacation Photos at Disney World

This post was supposed to post last week but did not for some unknown reason!  So here it is...

Hi Everyone!  Welcome back to Photo Friday!   I thought since I am currently in Disney World that I would do a quick post about vacation photos. 
So, what makes a good vacation photo?  I think the best photos are the ones that tell a story.  Yes, you need a photo of your child hugging Mickey Mouse but also get a close up of the two of them holding hands.  That sweet chubby dimpled hand enveloped in that large hand of Mickey can have quite an impact. 
Be ready with your camera to shoot those moments of wonder.  If you know Mickey is coming around the corner, already have your camera focused on your child's face so you do not miss that look of joy when she spots him.  Please don't wait until after Mickey is already hugging your child because then you have missed the beginning of the story. 
Shoot the good stuff but don't forget the bad.  Photograph those long lines and if your child has a meltdown (and I think everyone at Disney World does at some point or another, including myself!), please shoot it!  These photos help tell the complete story.  While Disney World is the "Happiest Place on Earth" it is sometimes fun to remember the not so happy moments too. 
Try and avoid the tons of boring photos that nobody wants to look at....for instance, you may want one photo of the castle but do you really need fifteen of them?  Better yet, be sure and pose your family in front of the castle so that you have the story of not Disney World but your family at Disney World.  We have a photo taken of my family in front of the castle when I was about five.  Every time we go back we try and take another photo in about the same place.  It is fun to watch us change over the years.
Most important - make sure you have plenty of memory and batteries.  Believe me you do not want to have to purchase either in the park itself so be sure and BYO. 
Have a great time and Happy Shooting!!