Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This is Gus. He lost his life this past November at the age of fourteen to Muscular Dystrophy. Please help by making a donation in his name.
Amy Rich Photography is searching for the cutest kid!! Do you know him/her?
If you have the cutest kid then send in their photo to arphotography@comcast.net and I will place them on my website: www.AmyRichPhotography.com . Whoever gets the most votes wins!!
Voting begins on Wednesday, May 9th. Each vote is $1 (or buy votes in bulk and get more!) and all proceeds go to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The winner will receive a $500 photography package/session from Amy Rich Photography and will get to be on the COVER and chosen month of her new photography calendar!! Each of the remaining months will be filled with the next eleven winners and each of these winners will receive a mini calendar shoot session!
Don't have a cute kid? You can still help other families dealing with this tragic disease by donating at this link:
Does it cost anything to enter? No! It is totally free to enter your child or children.
Do you have to have taken the photo? No. I accept any photo of your child.
How do I enter? Send in the photo to arphotography@comcast.net and I will place it on the website. Then have all of your friends and family members go to www.AmyRichPhotography.com , click on the tab marked: "Client Proofing" and find model search in the drop box. Find your child's photo and order votes! It is simple!
How do I vote? See above
How can we keep track? I will be posting who is in the lead periodically on my facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/amyrichphotography
Why are you doing this fundraiser?
GREAT QUESTION!!! I did a fundraiser for MDA two years ago and this past November a very dear friend lost her son to this disease. Here is her story.
On March 5, 1997 a tiny peanut of a boy was born with dark brown hair and chocolate drops for eyes. He was beautiful! He was James Augustine Vargason--called "Gus."
As he grew, his younger siblings began to outrun and outperform him. His mother noticed he had trouble climbing in and out of the car. After much prodding, Gus's doctor realize something wasn't quite right. Tests confirmed the doctor's hunch--muscular dystrophy. MD is a fatal genetic disorder that would take away what limited abilities he had and would eventually take his life.
So his parent took him home and did their best to treat him like a normal child--tried not to focus on the disability but the boy. He grew and developed and blossomed into a quiet young boy who loved legos, bionicles, transformers, jazz, and movies. Dispite all of his set backs, he never gave into self pity or expected special treatment. If anything, he always wanted to do things himself without help.
Last October Gus began to get sick and couldn't keep food down. Doctors at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital told his parents that Gus's heart muscle was failing. They didn't know how much time he would have left--maybe a year at the most. He died on November 13. He was only 14.
Won't you please lighten the load for boys like Gus and their families? Even good medical coverage doesn't cover all the cost incurred for a patient with MD and MDA does their best to fill that gap. Your donation helps pay for leg splints, wheel chairs, and medicines that make life with muscular dystrophy a little less daunting.
It is too late for Gus, a great kid who loved jazz and playing Fruit Ninja. However, it is not too late to help so many others. Please donate.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my beloved Aunt Nelle...

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my beloved Aunt Nelle.  She was a strong and kind woman.  She would "collect" homeless people, take them home and make sure they were clean and fed.  She would help them find jobs and cars and homes.  She did all of this so unassumingly.  She didn't do it for praise or to look good at church.  She did it because she cared and because she was kind.
Her service was simple.  And beautiful.  It was the way I would like my service to be...surrounded by family and loved ones.  No hoopla, no grandiose gestures.  The words were spoken not by a preacher but by a man who knew and loved her and granddaughters who were grieving for her and wanted to send her off enveloped in words of comfort and love. 
Those that know me know that I do not like people touching me...lol.  When my father died I was sitting in a chair and my Aunt Nelle came into the room and came over and started stroking my hair.  I can not express how much it comforted me.  A simple, kind gesture that years later is one of the things that I remember most about her.
Some excerpts were read from her prayer journal.  The prayer she expressed over and over was that her family all have kind hearts.  What a beautiful request.
She was the last of a generation.  And she will be truly missed. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bunnies and Lambs will be here soon!

Watch out!  The Lamb and Bunnies are on their way to the studio for Spring Portraits!
Wouldn't you love to have your child's portrait made with a lamb or bunny?  Call the studio now to book your session. 
All portraits are printed on professional, archival safe paper and guaranteed! 
Capture the wonder and  innocence of your child during these beautiful spring portraits.

The mini sessions are $50 and that includes your choice of either one 8x10 or one 5x7 or two 4x6's.  You may purchase additional photos if desired at special lowered prices.

Appointments are limited so call now!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soul Mates - Free Mini Session and Photos

Soul Mate Minis Sessions
Have you been married fifty years or longer?  Do you know someone who has?
Wouldn't you love to have a beautiful black and white portrait of you and your loved one?
Amy Rich Photography wants to help celebrate this commitment by offering a free mini session and a free 5x7 to these soul mates! 
Have you found your soul mate but have not been together that long yet?  No problem.  For $30 you can get the same mini session and 5x7 print.   (Actual Value $80)
I will be doing the Soul Mate Sessions on Valentine's Day.  You will need to make an appointment so don't delay as I will only be opening a few slots.   Call the studio at 615-335-5529 and get on the calendar!
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