Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my beloved Aunt Nelle...

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my beloved Aunt Nelle.  She was a strong and kind woman.  She would "collect" homeless people, take them home and make sure they were clean and fed.  She would help them find jobs and cars and homes.  She did all of this so unassumingly.  She didn't do it for praise or to look good at church.  She did it because she cared and because she was kind.
Her service was simple.  And beautiful.  It was the way I would like my service to be...surrounded by family and loved ones.  No hoopla, no grandiose gestures.  The words were spoken not by a preacher but by a man who knew and loved her and granddaughters who were grieving for her and wanted to send her off enveloped in words of comfort and love. 
Those that know me know that I do not like people touching  When my father died I was sitting in a chair and my Aunt Nelle came into the room and came over and started stroking my hair.  I can not express how much it comforted me.  A simple, kind gesture that years later is one of the things that I remember most about her.
Some excerpts were read from her prayer journal.  The prayer she expressed over and over was that her family all have kind hearts.  What a beautiful request.
She was the last of a generation.  And she will be truly missed. 

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