Sunday, June 28, 2009

Check out my NEW STUDIO!!

Hey everyone!
I just leased this wonderful house for my photography studio! I am so excited and happy. I will be having an open house soon and you will all be invited. In the meantime I will be hard at work getting it ready to open, doing photo shoots and generally going crazy! I plan to be shooting in the new studio by the first of August. I will continue doing all of my outdoor shoots here at my home.
I have been in love with this house for so long. Every time I would drive by it I would dream of putting a studio there. Being on the corner of West Main and Castle Heights Blvd, it was a wonderful location. I would occasionally call about it but the rent was just too high. One good thing about this awful economy is that the rent has fallen. When I called last week and saw how much it was I decided to just make an appointment and go in and look at it, hoping that it would be all chopped up and there would be no area in which to shoot. But NO! It was perfect and I was smitten. I signed the lease yesterday and have been working on it every since.
I hope all of you will help me make this a huge success! Make that appointment and tell your friends about me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Bless Your Heart, Miss Amy"

Here are the latest photos of my sweetie Miss K. Not only is the adorable she is just so sweet! She would tell me, "Bless your heart, Miss Amy". Needless to say I love this child! Do you see why I have the best job EVER? She arrived without her morning nap but you would never have guessed it! As always she was ready for her photo session. I have been photographing her since she was three months old so it is amazing to see how much she has grown. Bless your heart, Miss K!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Sweet Little Miss A.

I know I say it all of the time but I do truly have the best job in the world! "Why?", you may ask?? Well I will tell is because of little darlings like Miss A. Now I have been photographing her since she was a newborn and so I have watched her grow. She is now 18 months and just look at her! Do you blame me? I love her! I keep trying to convince her mom to give her to me but so far I have had no
Eighteen month olds have a mind of their own. They are going to do whatever they want so I just have to follow them around and do whatever they want. Miss A here wanted to explore everywhere. She wanted to go up and check out the treehouse and then she wanted to wander throughout the whole yard. She wanted to check out the pond, the ducks, the bird...well everything!
I might add too...speaking of 18...that 18 YEAR olds also have a mind of their own. My sweet baby boy turns eighteen today. Happy Birthday Alex!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hi All!
I hope everyone is doing great. We had a major storm move through our town today. I love storms but this one scared me enough that I came into the house. Normally I love to sit outside and watch them blow in but the trees were swaying like crazy and all the kids were with me so we moved to the indoors. You may be wondering what that has to do with photography and the answer is it doesn't! lol
Some of you may be aware that I also do headshots. I am posting a few I did this past week. If any of you are interested, please give me a call!
My customers have won several "Photogenic", "Model Face", "Portfolio", etc. awards with my work.
Talk to you soon!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby R.

Sometimes a baby will come into the studio and I know they are going to make my job easy. Baby R. was exactly this way. He came in for his three month old baby panel photo and the minute I spoke to him he was grinning ear to ear. That baby had more personality than alot of adults I know. I am including some of my favorite shots of R. here. I mean, seriously!! How can you not fall in love with him?? I hope you all enjoy them!