Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey all! I just sent out an email about my SENIOR PHOTO SPECIAL! For $100 you receive up to a two hour photo session both in and outdoor, as many outfit changes as you can squeeze into the time and a free 8x10 senior composite! I am also selling these photos in sheets. Each sheet is $28 or you can get four sheets for $100. Here are the sheet packages:

Package A: 1 8x10

Package B: 2 5x7's

Package C: 1 5x7, 2 2.5x3.5's and 4 2x2.5's

Package D: 1 5x7 and 2 3.5x5's

Package E: 1 5x7 and 8 2x2.5's

Package F: 4 4x5's

Package G: 3 3.5x5's

Package H: 20 2x2's

Package I: 16 2.2.5's

Package J: 4 2.5x3.5's and 8 2x2.5s

Package:K 9 2.5x3.25's

Please call as soon as possible to book your senior's photo session!

Also, be looking for my upcoming Spring Samples! These are a work in progress and if they turn out as cute as they are in my head you are just going to LOVE them! I can not wait to reveal them!

These photos are from a session I did these past few days. I hope you enjoy them! Remember that I would love to do your family's photos so please give me a call!


Sunday, February 24, 2008


Finally! It is the weekend! This week has been very busy! I was sick for a few days and on Friday I actually FINALLY have my backdrop system installed!! YIPPEE!! It is great too! I am loving it so much!

Baseball season is here so don't forget that I also will come to your child's game and shoot some action shots. I took tons last year and it was alot of fun getting to know the children and parents. I am running a SPECIAL right now! For $50 I will come out and shoot your child's sporting event. I then come back to the next game with the photos and sell them to the parents. It is $5 for a 4x6 or 3 4x6 for $10. You can split the $50 up amongst the other parents or pay me yourself and I will only shoot your child. It is up to you! I know you will be very pleased with the photos. PLEASE NOTE: I prefer to shoot morning or late afternoon games because of the lighting. Please book as early as possible so that I can get it scheduled in my book. Saturdays are a busy time at the studio so I fill up quickly. Please note: I shoot any sporting venue!

I am including a photo that I took in one of my sessions last week...so cute!!
Check out my new "Call Me" button! Click on that and your call will come straight to me! Try it!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Musings on Night Out at Rocket Town

On Friday night I went with a friend of mine to take our 14 year olds to Rocket Town. Rocket Town is a local teen club that plays heavy metal music. I must admit I did not want to go but did not want to deny my son the chance to go hear these bands so I went along with him. Well, let me tell you it was quite an experience. I wish I had taken my camera but I didn't so you are just going to have to listen to me describe it to you.


Okay, I am not in the dark ages. I have heard of "mosh pits" but obviously had no clear understanding of what it was. At Rocket Town there were three types of Mosh Pits. There were the whirling dervishes, the runners and the aggressive pushers. The Whirling Dervishes reminded me of Native American or African dancers. They would dance around and whirl their arms around until it was just a blur. They would do these wild karate kicks in the air, whipping their legs around everywhere. This would go on for a couple of minutes and then they would disappear into the edge of the pit only to bust out again in a bit. The Whirlers did not dance to the music. Indeed they seemed quite separate from the music. If there was anything resembling a melody (which was rare) they would just stand there calmly. Instead they thrived to the beats and the vibrations. As soon as you could feel the vibrations coming up your legs the dervishes would all start whirling madly about. I have no idea how they kept from breaking each other's noses but they seemed to have an innate sense on how to avoid each other. Another interesting fact about the dervishes is that the boys (almost 99% of the moshers were boys) would posture like an ape back and forth working themselves up before breaking madly into their dancing.

The second group were the runners and they are the least interesting group. They just simply run around in circles like a group of four year olds. The people who line the pit will push them if they stray out but other than that it is mainly just running.

The third group was very aggressive. It was sort of like fighting but no one was angry. These teens would just run amock among the pit and push each other around. The pit was lined with other teens who would push the runners into each other. It was almost like a cross between boxing and dancing. Here again, I have no idea how they avoid injuries but they do or at least they did this night. (Amazingly enough with all of this testosterone running amuck I only saw one fight break out and the bouncers removed these people immediately).

The make up of the pits themselves is fascinating. They are made of concentric rings. At the center you have the teens bouncing off of each other like atoms in a nuclei. Around them is a loose circle of teens that form the mosh pit wall. They are all facing into the middle. Around them is everyone else. These people ignore the pit. The ones in the front have their backs to the pit and they do not bother turning around to watch. Occasionally someone would get pushed 3-5 feet into this crowd and they would simply move up and then move back without ever turning around to see who was pushing them. At one point toward the end of the night the pits were getting so huge they were almost converging upon each other. I thought the whole place was fixing to fall over the edge into mass hysteria but luckily the vibrations calmed and so did the people.

Another interesting fact was that instead of seeing lots of lighters held up and lit (as in my concert says), you would see the light of dozens of cell phones. The teens were holding them up to photography, videotape and text.

What does this have to do with photography? Well, nothing....maybe everything....just was a very interesting night. Next time I go back I will take my camera. I must get proof of this alien world!


PS...thought I would add a photo..this is from a shoot I did of two brothers. I love this photo! I love his polka dot boxers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is it really supposed to SNOW??

Right as I was sitting down to do my blog my daughter calls and says that it is supposed to snow tonight! Is this true? Or is it just supposed to be flurries? I would love to see a snow again! Just one snow a winter is enough for me but I love it when it snows at night and everything is so quiet, peaceful and beautiful! Keeping my fingers crossed....
Here is a photograph from a shoot I did over the weekend. I know a certain person who reads this blog who has a big brown eyed daughter and who needs a picture like this of her. YOU know who you are! LOL...
I also did a shoot of Kamillia for her beauty pageant. We had to get a photo of her in her crown with her trophies. I hope to be posting one of those in the next couple of days but must admit that I have fallen behind this past week due to that dang flu running rampant in my home. Speaking of running rampant, I kept hearing all of this thumping coming from the upstairs so I went up to investigate. The wind had blown the door open and both the dog and the cat were running around loose in the house for who knows how long!!! UGH!!
Pray for snow! Well, okay, don't pray for snow...pray for someone to be healed of their bad health, bad choices or bad life. Keep your fingers crossed for snow!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Shoot

I just did a really fun shoot yesterday. It was his 18 month photo. He would not let go of this golf club so I got lots of photos of him playing golf. This boy has a swing!!

Still in backdrop nightmare. It was supposed to be here Monday at the latest but when I called Wednesday to check on it, they had still NOT shipped it!!! ARRGGHHH!!! Furthermore when they replaced the white backdrop they did not mount it on a pole so it has to go back now and they have to reship another. Bottom line, next week I will have the backdrop system but no backdrops. WAH!! I am having to frantically work my way around with the stuff I have but I am managing to make it work.

Tomorrow I have another fun shoot! I get to take a little girl's photo in her beauty pageant crown. I want a crown! I have always wanted a crown!! Of course I want the kingdom that comes along with the crown....

Well, I am off to Pet Smart! Have to get some things for the pets. Sophia is getting a new leash because she has learned it is great fun to run away from her mommy. Let me tell you, that little pup is FAST!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hump Day!!

Yay! It is Wednesday and the boys are out of school tomorrow. Thank goodness as I want to sleep in! I was up all night last night watching the storm warnings trying to keep my house from blowing down. Luckily it all missed us! We did not even have heavy winds or alot of rain. It is horrifying what has happened in other parts of Tennessee.

Here is a photo from a much earlier shoot but still one of my favorites. Don't forget the time for senior photos is coming up and I will be running a senior special soon!

There are still a few spots available this weekend for my Valentine's Special! You don't want to miss out on that!

Hope all of you have a wonderful evening!!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Nothing like a rainy Monday to make you sleepy! Which is what I have chosen to do with most of my day! It was kind of nice not having anything to do today. I guard my Mondays very closely and try not to fill them with anything. I need the break after the busy weekends.

Here a a couple of my favorite shots from Saturday. What a precious little boy! Almost made me want another one but then I thought that four boys was probably enough for anyone person to handle. LOL

Friday, February 1, 2008

Busy Weekend!!

Hey all!

I have alot going on this weekend! I am currently at a Craft-N-Camp where I am supposed to be scrapbooking but instead I chose to do photoshop tutorials! You know me...always working on improving my photography.

I am very excited because in the morning I get to do a newborn photo shoot. I love doing newborns! They are just so sweet! I will post some photos tomorrow. Here is another of my favorite shots.

Talk to you tomorrow!