Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Shoot

I just did a really fun shoot yesterday. It was his 18 month photo. He would not let go of this golf club so I got lots of photos of him playing golf. This boy has a swing!!

Still in backdrop nightmare. It was supposed to be here Monday at the latest but when I called Wednesday to check on it, they had still NOT shipped it!!! ARRGGHHH!!! Furthermore when they replaced the white backdrop they did not mount it on a pole so it has to go back now and they have to reship another. Bottom line, next week I will have the backdrop system but no backdrops. WAH!! I am having to frantically work my way around with the stuff I have but I am managing to make it work.

Tomorrow I have another fun shoot! I get to take a little girl's photo in her beauty pageant crown. I want a crown! I have always wanted a crown!! Of course I want the kingdom that comes along with the crown....

Well, I am off to Pet Smart! Have to get some things for the pets. Sophia is getting a new leash because she has learned it is great fun to run away from her mommy. Let me tell you, that little pup is FAST!!



Maria said...

Oh Amy! He's so serious! That is too cute!

Would you look at the time of this comment? Couldn't sleep. Half of the house has crawled in bed with Brett and I. I love 'em but I can't sleep with 'em.

Amy Rich Photography said...

You crack me up! I had one home with the flu all last week and Evan has been down with it since Friday. He still sleeps with us most of the time and when he has a fever it is miserable.
What better way to spend your am's then chatting with me?