Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Best Job EVER!

Hey everyone!
I hope everybody is doing well and looking forward to the Memorial Day holiday. I have been so busy here at the studio but I am going to try and catch up!
I am going to post a few photos and hopefully will get some more on in the next couple of days so be sure and be watching for them.

One of the photos I am posting is of a family. This is Beverly and she is a photographer friend of mine. She is shown here with her daughter and son. She has a very glamorous photography job. She does alot of events in Nashville and she gets to hang out with all of the country music stars, eat free food and have access to the free bars. Although I think her job must be very exciting I must say that I love what I do in and around the studio. Maybe it is because I am old or maybe because as my family grows older I love to watch the excitement that comes in with the new families that are just beginning.

Another photo that I am posting is of one of these families. This is one of the maternity photos of R. She is getting ready to welcome to the world a new baby boy. She is brimming with joy and it is just so awesome to be around her (and her

See why I love my job? I help welcome these babies into the world by creating their future heirlooms of photography. I get to photograph their first moments of life, first tooth, wobbling walks, new siblings, explorations and hopefully one day their senior photos. They become a part of my life and my life is better for knowing them.

The next couple are of the same little girl showing very different

The fifth photo is one of my favorites from this little girl's shoot. This was taken outside my studio. It was one of those times when the rain was endless. It had paused just long enough for this shoot but this angel did NOT like the mud on her feet! And, really? Who can blame her?

Well, I will talk to you soon! Today was a beautiful day and I have spent it working so maybe I will sneak out for a bit tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine!

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