Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Fridays

Hey Guys!
I am starting something new called "Photo Fridays" here on the blog.  Each Friday I am going to give you a photography tip or hint to help you be able to take better photographs!  So be sure and follow my blog so that you don't miss out on anything.
My first tip is very basic.  It is this:
How many times have you taken a photo and you can't even determine what the subject is supposed to be?  You see a car and a store and a bus and a dog and...wait a minute....what  is that?  Is that your son right there? you get where I am going with this? 
Get closer.  What is the story?  Is the bus part of your story?  If it is your son's first day of kindergarten, then by all means include the bus.  Otherwise get it out of your picture!   Are you taking a photo of a baby?  Don't include the TV, your couch and the toy chest.  Focus in on that sweet baby's face.  Get in really close and just get those eyelashes.  Almost every Mom that comes through my studio will usually end up with a photo of their baby's eyelashes.  And guess what?  It almost always sells!  Why?  Because it is sweet, it is detailed and you don't have to have a big cheesy grin in every photo in order to tell your story.  Sometimes the eyelashes are the story.  Don't confuse the viewer.



There are those eyelashes!

Look at that window!  Look at that cage!

Wow!  Look at at that girl!

So get out there and get closer and see if that changes anything in your photos.  Remember to focus on the story.  What are you trying to say?  Remove every other element that is not contributing to your story.

So that is it for now!  I would love to see some samples of what you do with this hint.  Show me some befores and afters.  You can email them to me at

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