Saturday, May 17, 2008

Something new...

Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend. Today was just about perfect! I did a photoshoot with a beautiful eight week old baby. I was playing around with the photo today and this is what I came up to know what you think! I guess I must be missing scrapbooking? LOL...Anyway the little ones are hollering for me to cook them some cinnamon rolls so I guess I had better go and do that before they start really whining! a reprieve...Morris just came home and I am going to make him cook them. *grin*

One of my sons just spelled out, "I want Pizza" in Pokemon cards. Sometimes they really crack me up!

Don't forget the studio will be closed on Thursday because I will be at a photoshop seminar. Tomorrow I go and meet with the head nurse of the hospital here in Lebanon. I am going to tell her about the NILMDTS foundation. I hope it is something that she will see the need for and be interested in implementing at the hospital. . If you are not aware of this foundation you can read all about it at their website: .

Have a great weekend and I hope to be posting more photos soon!



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