Friday, June 20, 2008

Yes, I made it through....

LOL...I did not mean to depress all of you with my last blog. I guess you can tell that I was feeling pretty sad but I did not mean for it to be infectious!

I have been working very hard all day to catch up on my editing. I have good news for all of those waiting on should be looking at receiving your proofs within a week of when they were photographed. Yippee!!!

On Saturday, Books A Million is having a big sale! I LOVE that place. I am going to go and get another book on fairies for inspiration for my fairy photos. I am working on a book, "Captured Fairies" and need some more photos.

BIG NEWS! I was able to get a booth at the Wilson County Fair this August! All of you will have to come and see me! I will be in tent 2 across from the pavilion where they have the pageants and talent shows. I don't do heat well so all of you need to come by and entertain me so I don't think about how I am surely going to melt.
I grew up on a street in Madison called Kemper Dr. There were a bunch of kids my age and we all hung around and grew up together. We called ourselves the Kemper Heights Gang. We spent our summers playing, "Hide and Seek" and "Ain't No Ghosts Out Tonight". We ran wild and had the best fun ever. Together we terrorized the neighbors with toilet paper and Ding Dong Ditching. The photo above is the granddaughter of one of my Kemper buddies. HAH! He is a grandfather before anyone else! I can't wait to be a grandmother (Chelsey, if you are reading this - I CAN wait).
Well, that is it for now!! Have a great weekend!



Maria said...

Okay, I am an offical member of the "gang." So who's baby is that? Inquiry minds want to know!

Amy Rich Photography said...

It is Jimmy's granddaughter. Jenny (the 18 yr. old daughter he has with Pam) had her a few weeks ago! Can you believe it??

Maria said...

Well, he was my first pick. I guess it could have been Lisa. I can't even go there yet. I just got one out of diapers! Yay!