Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Little Newborn


This past week I was honored to take photos of this sweet little lamb. She was not quite two weeks old yet and was just so precious. I wanted to keep her! Not only was she cute, she behaved herself very well. I hope all my newborns will be this good.

I have been very, very busy this week. You all would be very proud of me! I have been trying to get my new business cards off to the printer and have finally accomplished this task. I think they turned out really nice. I spent a lot of time designing them so I hope they turn out like I expect.

Guess what I did today? I took my son to the dentist but his appointment is not until tomorrow! Sometimes I think maybe I should just commit myself to an asylum. sigh....

Anyway, I am including a newborn shot and another photo from a different session. I call this photo, "Butterfly Baby" and must admit it may be one of my very favorites!

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